V1 (voice 1)= Jorge Felix V2 (voice 2)=Amina Demir,
V3 (voice 3)=Cristal Sabbagh V4 (voice 4) =Clover Morell
Note: Each performer will begin with their own personal epigraph (an event/memorable moment that contextualizes their personal relationship to violence). The following narratives are written and based on the above performers’ personal experiences.
V3 (cristal):
I was 4 years old when I watched the KKK terrorize families on TV.
I was 4 when my family’s car stopped at a red light in Mississippi.
I screamed and hollered when I noticed two cardinal klan’s men on the side of the road.
In my 4 year old mind these men were going to kill all of us!
V1 (Jorge):
The feds invaded my home at 2am. They were looking to stop me from speaking…
from showing artwork by Puerto Rican political prisoners. As a curator, I know art incites
in ways that can both threaten and uphold our freedoms.
V4 (Clover):
I have been witness to oppression since I was a child, far before I could swallow it’s sharp form.
I cannot be free unless I stand for everyone’s freedom. I will not forget the taste of your hatred.
V2 (Amina)
I am no longer the great great grandaughter of a man brought to the US on slave ships.
I am no longer a daughter of a Kurdish freedom fighter from south eastern Turkey.
9/11 made me just like them. A stereotype. A terrorist. A towel head.