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Respect The Roots
I’m thankful for slaves who never could understand, “Why do I work for people and get less than the bare minimum wage?”
Why do I go through the pain and suffering if there’s no gain for my family or me? My greats never were a boss and rarely knew who their family was so why live this life if it wasn’t free to be?
My roots nurtured the seeds who helped create opportunities; if we as the people could see how they lived maybe we would be stronger minded people rather than living like we have no sense
We are a culture that is talented in so many ways but we want to be the target of a negative headline news story.
We already seen shackles on our feet, slavery, segregation, and racism against our peace, so why do we still act as if we can’t change the way people perceive us to be
We are not going to blame it on our past because they gave us freedom to see so why can’t we exploit this and live the true meaning of the land of the free
Disregard the negative news and set yourself apart change the way you act so others can see a fresh start
If we started from the bottom now where here isn’t that living proof we can do anything besides spend money on material things but invest in the future or non-profits to help others to build something and have a heart
We can’t just stay a struggle we have to be humble take over the government and make change not think we high class and go to jail for spending money or getting caught up for the wrong things
Set a strong example for these homeless, gangs, prostitutes, and dealers because they are suffering and have only 2 choices that put us on the news headline story in jail or death coming soon
As we lift up those who make a change on the streets or on Capitol Hill we are happy these people are creating an Underground Railroad to victory without suffering and hopefully this stand is coming to all my people to
We got to take charge in numbers instead of sit back all for nothing
If you better yourself from how others use to see you maybe you can see the roots that can help make the change for you as others grow in this thing called a root lifting cycle. Respect the roots.
Copyright © Brandon Browne | Year Posted 2014

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“underground railroad”
undergound railroal
My hand are sweaty moist and cold
the bread we pack for the trip is
midew and old.
Some of us are young
and some of us are old
we struggle to the north looking for the that pot of
Down south I was sold.
Some born and some was made
for that gold, What i heard and and what i’ am told
no where to run but up
No where to be bold.
but up.
So we press on
looking for a resting place
runing from the slave master face..
Some people help
and pep
to be free
when I dream and I slept

Nightmare of the slave master wip
I wept.

Its cold the water as I step
we held hands as we felt
The chill of the water.
people geting sick
as creep through night.
people who hid us help fight

Copyright © TARUS Taggart | Year Posted 2008

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February is the month that we celebrate our black race,
People from the past who set our pace.
Those who should have been placed in our history book,
But for some reason they were over looked.
Born into slavery or just grew up poor,
But they were determined to accomplish so much more.

First, on our list she was extremely brave,
Harriet Tubman help to free a number of slaves.
She had to come up with a secret move,
So the Underground Railroad is what she used.
Now how do you get rich from products for the hair.
I don’t know, but ask Madam C. J Walker the first black woman millionaire.
Now the 1st black woman aviator was a lady named Bessie Coleman,
And did you know that the stoplight was invented by a black man named Garrett Morgan.

Now hanging in the sports hall of fame,
Jackie Robinson is this baseball player name.
This list goes on and on,
Some are still living, but some has gone home.
There’s one, who truly paved the way,
If not for him, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
He marched from City to state,
And never once did he teach about hate.

The renowned Dr. Martin Luther King,
All of his marches and his well known speech “Let Freedom Ring”.
There’s plenty more that should be in a Hall of Fame.
But there’s not enough time to call them by name.
So let’s stand up and be proud of our race and who we are,
Because from slavery and racism we have come so far.

Written by Vertie Adams, February 2005

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Harriet Tubman
Harrius Tubman

Harriet Tubman was my Great Great Great times Eight Grandmother
Trying to Free The Mind of my Brothers
Cause Our Eyes is Covered
From this Blindfolded Structure
of Vampires, Demons, & Witches
Rituals, Sacrifices, for Riches
Lucifers Music is Enrichened
Using His God Given Instruments for Demolition
Releasing the Spirits
All seeing Eye of the Pyramids
Illuminati Card Game Predictions
Predicting World Events Foretelling it’s Existence
Esau hates Since Genesis
Against his Brother to Afflicting
Oppression on his Brother without Forgiveness
They Eyes and Mind stay Attentive
to Lies Instead of Wisdom
Locked in the Devils Prison
Jesus last Words IT IS FINISHED
False Prophets
Make Profits
off the Gospel
Reciting the Apostles
Ain’t Scared of these Serpents
I was Breeded for the Purpose
to be speak the Sermons
as the Servant
the Prince Once on the Heavens Throne
left the Heavens Abode
To Expose these Foes
on the Underground Railroad
to the Path of the Gold
for the Soul
Judgement is Waiting

Copyright © uriel wisdom | Year Posted 2016

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From The Cotton Fields To The White House
In 1619, “Black Gold” was expedited from the mother land
Shipped to a foreign sand to be servants but America had other plans
For years Royalty was whipped, hung and enslaved to work a brother’s hands
Institutionalized on plantations to picking cotton for another man
The blood of a slave screams for freedom as his faith is triggered
Degraded with names such a colored, coon, boy and nigger
The cotton fields was a sanctuary for spiritual and psychological therapy
The Jewels sang hymns in hopes to bloom towards the heavens like a buried seed
Through scorching heat & bondage, there was still value in this black gold
In pursuit of refuge they took route in the underground railroad
Torturous nights were recorded in the pages of Uncle Tom’s cabin
Telling everything that happened, from being beaten to held captive
Proof in our Roots are revealed on a gems back filled with stripes
But the bible prophesized we are healed by the stripes of Christ
So the runaway & revolting slave no longer had to run and hide
A bearded President saw no need for such toil, so it ended in 1865
Racism stilled reigned supreme in most of the American places
Black Gold was beaten again, raped, killed, tortured, hosed and spat in their faces
Limb from limb there were attempts to destroy them
Denied education, Denied to vote, Denied the ability to use what’s in
Imagine having to work from that cotton gin, to scrubbing floors
but they still believed one day they would be able to explore
One piece of jewelry refused to move from her seat, a queen
Another King woke up and spoke loudly about a dream
As a result sacrifice & segregation began to bring forth integration
Between blacks & whites, America began to look like a United Nation
We were allowed education, voter registration,
Became our own bosses, and finally knew what its like for vacation
The hate turn on ourselves, crime filled jail cells
Mostly populated by African-American males
We were told we shouldn’t and we wouldn’t
Then the stone plagued Washington, taking positions when they thought we couldn’t
Then the unthinkable, the unspeakable came to life in one chant
when a black man stood up and said, “Yes We Can”
Yes we can overcome, Yes we can be one,
Yes we can survive a struggle, Yes we can when our hearts are troubled
Yes we can live without doubt, Yes we can is what we shout
Yes we can travel treacherous routes,
in 2008 yes we can move from the cotton field to the white house!

Copyright © Mark West | Year Posted 2008

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The Devil Himself
I feel horrible about being a slave
Day by Day I work
For a man that I hate

I decide to leave on the Underground Railroad
To escape from my master, the Devil himself
Get away and hope to be safe

I hope to leave on a warm summer day
I am waiting for my chance to go
I will escape to the north for my freedom

My journey takes me to places
Places I have never seen before
Unfortunately, I can only see these places after dark

I face the danger of being caught
Being returned to the plantation
Where I will be beaten, by the devil

The dangers have made me feel unsafe
No matter where I go, I am never safe
I still can be caught

I have help along the way
The people who support us
The people who leave signals for us to stay

I have made it to the north, to freedom
I react with a great rejoice
Joy, which I have never had before

Copyright © Joey Peters | Year Posted 2010

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The Future 2
The future looks good, but a bit scary. Every time I think about the world changing in
front of my eyes, I’m afraid that the Earth would be way too developed. But fortunately, I
think that the future is clear and I’m ready for it. There’s advanced technology,
digitally-enhanced vehicles, including the cars, and stuff. What’s also going to be there
in the year 3000 to 3009 will be tall city buildings, TV screens will be all over the
futuristic version of the metropolitan areas, and the city streets will have underground
train stations, like Harriet Tubman, when she discovered the underground railroad. The
future will also include new computers, new cars and trucks, new cell phones, and new
exotic places. Every human being and a lot of aliens will still be living peacefully every
day for the rest of their lives. I’m so looking forward to seeing the world of advanced
technology. And if I were to stay on Planet Earth for the next 50,000 years, then I’ll be
able to see everything changing and stuff. I wonder if the Earth will go back thousands of
years and if God were to recreate the Earth?

Copyright © Brashard Bursey | Year Posted 2011

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she has blisters on the soul of her feet and cuts along her veins
oozing pain from the sores that cover her body
a lost soul living in the streets
digging in dumpsters for food to eat
rain pouring down her frail body soaked
sneezing and coughing with no chance of hope
she struggles to walk in the nighttime air
to find a place of warmth
the underground railroad ststion seems like the place
fighting off rats and roaches bugs and critters
predators on the loose
she finds a corner to huddle in underneath the ‘a” train
scared to go to sleeep in fear of beiong raped
she already was pregnant and had to terminate
a coathanger and a line of cocaine
made it all go away
a victom of child abuse and an drug addicted family
little rhonda had no choice but to run away
so many dreams of a life she knows shell never have
so she finds ways to end her life without being scared
she prays to God to help her but He must be busy
her mind is going crazy all she needs is to sleep
in the quiet of the night her restless body gives in
she begins to grift off asking God to forgive her sins
in deep sleep shes unaware of whats taking place
a vicious and nasty group of men
are violating her in disgrace
instead of letting her be they smash her head in two
leaving little rhonda to suffer no more
all she wanted was to be free away from the world that
tortured her
she never asked to be born but she did ask to die!

Copyright © brandy megens | Year Posted 2009